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September 2021 Recap

A Month Full Of Memories. In this blog we will recap this past month and discuss our large amount of Debt, new additions to our team and fall traditions!  Keep reading for more…  $90,000 in Debt? Jeff shared his incredibly personal debt story with us this month and it was so great to hear all … Continue reading September 2021 Recap

Buying a Home

Coffee Convos We began the coffee convos series with the ultimate goal of featuring locally owned coffee shops to encourage our sphere to explore their communities and support local. Having our entire team featured in each video was also a top priority for us because we want our online presence to reflect our team and everyone … Continue reading Coffee Convos

Buying a Home

2020 A Year In Review

January and February in 2020 were some of the best months we had. We were full of optimism and momentum as we were headed into the spring market and then BOOM…COVID happened.  We had basically a 2 month shut down in the Real Estate community. So from mid march through the early parts of May … Continue reading 2020 A Year In Review

Buying a Home

5 Mistakes First-Time Homebuyers Will Want To Avoid

Thinking of buying your first home? Congratulations! It’s a big step in the right direction toward a stable financial future, and a place to make your most precious memories. However, there are some common first-time homebuyer mistakes that can potentially derail your plans, cost you more money, and significantly raise frustration in the home-buying process. … Continue reading 5 Mistakes First-Time Homebuyers Will Want To Avoid

Selling a Home

Home Staging Blog Q&A

What is Home Staging? Home Staging is a professional service which prepares homes for sale prior to being listed on the market. Staging is a marketing tool that homeowners utilize to sell their home more quickly and often for a higher price. It helps to create a warm, inviting and appealing space that immediately attracts … Continue reading Home Staging Blog Q&A