Quick Showing Tips

During our years of experience both showing homes and working with buyers and sellers, we have come to realize that there are many things about a home that can distract potential buyers as they walk through.

Our goal is to make your home one that the buyer can envision themselves living in. With that in mind we have compiled a quick list of ways to keep distractions for potential buyers to a minimum as you are preparing your home for showings. Please take a few moments to review this guide, and as always if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’re here for you!

Walk through your entire home, starting from the front door. Look at it as if you were considering buying it. What things would potentially turn you off? Focus on these items!

Your porch, front door and entry are your first opportunity to welcome a potential buyer. Sweeping the porch, a new welcome mat, and potted flowers all create an inviting atmosphere.

dining room with windows and sunlight Turn on lamps, open blinds and curtains to make your home feel more open and cheery. A quick cleaning of the windows will really make the space shine.

living area with windows and sunlight Clear flat surfaces to add instant space to your room, focusing on kitchen countertops, tables, islands, desks, bathroom counters, and dressers.

Arrange furniture for easier flow through the rooms of your home. If desired, we can offer help with this at no cost to you.

desk with clutter Put away personal/family photos, mail, miscellaneous papers, etc. If your home is overrun with your things, a buyer will have a harder time imagining it as theirs.

Before showings, make the beds! Do a quick vacuum or sweep where noticeably needed.

bathroom Clean, clean, clean! Wipe down all appliances. Clean cabinet doors, vent fans, and light fixtures. Make sure there are no unpleasant odors coming from the garbage disposal or trash cans. Clean tile, countertops, mirrors, window sills, and shower doors, making sure to remove stains and soap residue. Brighten grout, repair caulk around tub and sinks, and touch up paint as needed. Wipe away fingerprints from doorways, light switches, and windows. Close toilet seats!

messy bedroom A quick pick up of clothing, shoes, toys, backpacks, newspapers, towels, laundry baskets, etc. goes a long way toward making the home feel bigger and showing better.

Make cupboards, closets and storage areas look larger and better show potential storage space by clearing them out and packing away items that are seldom used.

dining room with windows and sunlight Any minor repairs or cleanup that can be done will help to show that your home is well cared for. Tighten up drawer hardware. Make sure sliding doors/screens are on track, and repair any ripped screens. Change washers in dripping faucets. Treat scratched woodwork or floors with “colored” furniture polish (i.e. Olde English® Scratch Cover) to make worn areas disappear. Wipe down the furnace, humidifier, and water heater to help them look newer.

Making your home look and smell “new” is always helpful. Fresh paint, lemon oil on wood surfaces, and freshly cleaned rugs or carpets all will give your home a lively appeal.

dining room with windows and sunlight While at home burning a subtle scented candle (like vanilla or cinnamon) will leave a pleasant and inviting aroma lingering in your home during showings. If you want to go a step further, bake some fresh chocolate chip cookies, and leave them for the showing. (Please never leave burning candles or heated ovens unattended.)

The items above can make your home stand out in the crowd! A home that is well cared for, clean and in great repair can go far in helping you achieve the quickest sale and best price possible for your home.


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