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At The Packer Group, we believe in giving back to our community, and here’s why. This area is our home, and we feel a responsibility to take care of it and those in it that need help. It’s not just a way to drum up positive PR, it’s a calling and a privilege. We may not be able to help everyone, or right every wrong, but we can do our part.

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Christmas Presents for a Family in Need

In December 2015, our agents and staff were moved by a story of a family in need in Detroit.  This family, with 5 children, was going through significant financial hardship, and would be unable to provide any Christmas presents.  Partnering with Most Holy Trinity School in Detroit, we got a list of hobbies and interests for each of the 5 kids, and provided gifts that were personalized for each kid.  While we will respect the privacy of the family, we sincerely hope they had a Merry Christmas!

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