2020 A Year In Review

January and February in 2020 were some of the best months we had. We were full of optimism and momentum as we were headed into the spring market and then BOOM…COVID happened. 

We had basically a 2 month shut down in the Real Estate community. So from mid march through the early parts of May we were completely shut down. That impacted Real Estate in a huge way. But I’m really proud of our team. Our team looked at that time and said, “Hey, we’re not taking time off, we’re going to look and try and be creative and strategic about how to move forward in Real Estate despite the challenges of not being able to physically show houses anymore and physically be with clients.” 

And it worked. We were able to sell homes during that 7 week shut down. Not only were we able to sell homes, we were able to talk with sellers and help them have an understanding of what to expect once this shutdown was lifted, so if they needed to sell their home they could take advantage of that. 

We also looked at ways in which we could use video to communicate messages in a way that we had never done before. So we did things such as: 

  • 5 Questions in 5 Minutes 
  • Virtual Tours 
  • Launched Instagram 
  • Webinars 
  • Incorporated Monthly Newsletters 
  • & we added these monthly Market Updates. 

All of this was super helpful but it helped us at The Packer Group grow and be better Realtors for YOU. 

What did all of this work and planning lead to? 

  • It led to us serving 268 clients last year (the most we have ever done). 
  • That translated into $78M worth of volume of homes that were sold.
  • 70% of our business came from referrals. 

Not only that but we had a big change at the end of the year. We are now a premium team at Preferred Realtors Limited. So our broker is now an independent brokerage firm and we are no longer attached to Coldwell Banker. So some of you might ask, “Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” It’s actually a fantastic thing. Now we have more resources at our disposal to continue to help serve our clients, market our homes more effectively and help our buyers get in those homes more effectively. 

In 2020 we also brought in new employees. 

The Packer Group Grew leaps and bounds in 2020 and we owe it all to you, our clients, our viewers…Thank you! 

We appreciate it and we are so excited for 2021 and to continue to serve people in this community of Metro Detroit & beyond. So if you know somebody who’s looking to sell right now…Good for them! Because selling the house is really easy and we would love to use our strategies to help them leverage the most amount of money that they can get right now for their home. 

The market is bonkers, there’s zero inventory, so selling a home right now is not only a smart thing to do but it is an effective thing in the seller’s market that we’re in. 

If you know someone trying to buy a home right now they need a high performing Real Estate team working for their best interest because it is a competitive time to buy a home right now. We want to leverage our experience, our negotiation abilities and our creative solutions to help our buyers get their offers accepted on these homes that are few and far between. So, if you know someone looking to move have them do the right thing and reach out to The Packer Group.  We would love to take care of them and serve them well.  

That’s 2020 in a wrap and why we are excited for 2021! 

Welcome Home. 

Jeff Packer, Team Lead/Realtor at The Packer Group 

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