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Novi is a city ideally situated between urban amenities and the suburbs. It is about the same distance from both Detroit and Ann Arbor. It is also just a short drive to natural beauty like Kensington Metropark. The city boasts a large shopping mall called Twelve Oaks. There are multiple shopping centers located near the mall. The area has many beautiful parks including Lakeshore Park, and is close to many small lakes. Residential areas of the city are typically quiet and highly desirable in Southeast Michigan. The public school system here always ranks highly in the state.

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Visit the official Novi website at: www.cityofnovi.org

A lovely backyard of a home in Novi, Michigan

Novi Market Stats

This graph displays in the last year, how many closed sales, pending sales and new listings on a month by month basis. (Note: It is typical to see seasonal fluctuation where the trend is going up in Spring and Summer and going down in Fall and Winter.)

This graph displays the monthly trend of median sale price over the last 2 years in a given area.

This graph displays the ratio between sale price and list price. Generally speaking, when the ratio is 95% or higher we are in a strong seller’s market; when it’s at 95% or less, the market is softening up and could be a buyer’s market.

This graph displays two key components of the selling process. Days to contract measures how long it takes to market a home and receive an offer. This indicator measures how hot or cool the market is. Days to settle measures how long is it taking buyers to get mortgage commitment. This indicator measures how strict or lose the lenders generally are in underwriting mortgage loans.

This graph displays the median price per square foot of all homes recently SOLD, pending, and currently listed.

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Arts & Entertainment
Café Bistro 4.5 star rating 24 reviews
Ajishin 4.5 star rating 363 reviews
Novi Coney Island 4.5 star rating 31 reviews
Burrito King 4.0 star rating 128 reviews
Bento39 4.5 star rating 15 reviews
Big Tommy's Parthenon 4.0 star rating 61 reviews
China Cafe 4.0 star rating 120 reviews
Pho Lucky 4.0 star rating 76 reviews
Penn Station 4.0 star rating 23 reviews
Athenian Coney Island 4.0 star rating 80 reviews
Bi Bim Bab 4.0 star rating 183 reviews
Thai Basil 4.0 star rating 103 reviews
Diamond Jim Brady's 4.0 star rating 113 reviews
Lakeshore Grille 4.0 star rating 22 reviews
Michigan Beer Company 4.0 star rating 28 reviews
Steve & Rocky's 3.5 star rating 109 reviews

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