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Farmington Hills is an established community. It features moderate to luxury-priced homes. The city ranks as one of the safest cities in the United States, as well as in the state of Michigan. It also ranks high on national lists of best cities to live.  Offering a number of excellent golf courses and parks, there is tons to do for those seeking recreation. Farmington Hills and Farmington are distinct cities but because of their proximity they have a lot of similarities. Features of the community include a recently renovated downtown, boutiques, a vintage cinema, numerous restaurants, exotic car dealerships, art galleries, and public parks including Heritage Park.  The schools here are highly rated and in a desirable district.

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A house in Farmington Hills Michigan

Farmington Hills Market Stats

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Arts & Entertainment
La Marsa 4.5 star rating 30 reviews
Pars Restaurant 4.0 star rating 33 reviews
Leeza's Cafe 4.5 star rating 35 reviews
Sunrise Cafe 4.5 star rating 33 reviews
Buddy's Pizza 4.0 star rating 116 reviews
Bella Vita Pizzeria 4.5 star rating 10 reviews
Tomatoes APIZZA 4.0 star rating 124 reviews
Tomatoes Apizza 4.5 star rating 195 reviews
Eddie's Coney Island 4.5 star rating 17 reviews
Feng Taste 4.5 star rating 16 reviews
Café Cortina 4.0 star rating 91 reviews
Breakfast Club 4.0 star rating 218 reviews
Jaws Jumbo Burgers 4.0 star rating 74 reviews
New Mandarin Garden 4.0 star rating 61 reviews
Sushi Ko 4.0 star rating 97 reviews
Empire Dynasty 3.5 star rating 32 reviews
Mitzi's Carry Out 4.0 star rating 15 reviews
Bangkok Sala Cafe 4.0 star rating 55 reviews
Col's Place 4.0 star rating 16 reviews

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Target 4.0 star rating 21 reviews
The Pod Drop 4.0 star rating 10 reviews